Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

By Jason Witt • February 13, 2015

Reading through the social media posts about Martin Luther King yesterday, getting inspired to write today, I had a particularly strong connection with one of his most famous quotes. I myself have endured heartbreak recently and it forced me headstrong into an uncommon and inconvenient reality for me. I was betrayed, heartbroken, alone and questioning everything I thought I stood for. You know what, it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I’ve always considered myself, and been told, that I am a very outgoing person. Being a social chameleon easily allows me to adapt to any situation that I continually stumble into. For the longest time, I thought this small trait as a curse. It is true that I have a fair share of low level connections that are superficial and shallow with people I’ve met through putting myself out there. Because of my recent breakup, I’ve also realized that exploring out to the end of the branch, has netted some of the best friendship fruit I have ever experienced.

I’ve never been afraid to step out on the ledge, to step out of my comfort zone. I can’t say I have always done so by choice, but the result has always been the same. Every time I’ve put myself out there, whether it be a new gym; a new team to coach; a new circle of acquaintances; a new relationship, it has always been beneficial. Even in my times of most discomfort as I learned how to ballroom dance or had to speak in front of crowds at conferences, the net results of the experiences and the people I meet have never disappointed. I continue to live outside of my comfort zone, and I continue to form lasting friendships with people I might not otherwise have crossed paths with. I challenge you today, to make the main thing the main thing again. Continue to push yourself to live outside of your comfort zone. Get comfortable by living uncomfortably. Try new things, meet new people. You will surprise yourself, it surprised me. And I have never been happier.


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