Change Is Good

By Sujiberry • November 4, 2014

Like what they say, “Nothing is permanent except change.” In life, career and other aspects of life, everything is changing. Every human being on the planet has experienced a lot of changes. I bet, you have experienced little and big changes in your life.

Let’s talk about biological changes first. When you are an infant, your body organs are not fully developed. You have smaller heart, liver and head circumference. You need your mother or any caregiver to help you survive. When you are an adolescent, secondary sex characteristics develop. Your voice becomes husky, pimple breakout is your biggest problem, and girls begin to menstruate. When you are old, you lose your crown, which is your hair, your skin is wrinkled, and you cannot even run after your grandchildren. You slowly become weak, and eventually become ill. And, alas, you die. See? You cannot live forever.

How about changes in career? Some people jump from one job to another. There are a lot of reasons behind that. Some are not compensated well, some do not like their working environment. Most of us, just work to survive. We are aware that there are a lot of opportunities outside, but most of us are afraid to take a leap of faith, or might as well, scared of changes. Many of us are employed in our job because we need to be secured. Our mindset tells us that employment is security. But if we try to get out from our old thoughts, we can see that there is more to life. Being employed for 5 years or 10 years will not lead you to higher grounds. You have to go to the higher grounds, because the bottom is already too crowded. You have to be opened for changes. When you bump into opportunities, why not take a look at it? Grab it. It’s difficult to take another direction, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Biological changes, career changes, are just only few examples of changes that happen in a person’s life. Yes, change is hard, and sometimes it will hurt you in the bones, but change is essential to discover our fullest potential. Don’t just follow the crowd. Find your spot. Embrace change.


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