ARMY VETERAN SETS OUT ON WORLD WIDE CHALLENGE; Random Acts Of Kindness Targeted To Bless One Million Lives

By Stephanie K. • November 2, 2012

When Stephanie King, an Army veteran left the military, she thought she would work her way up the Federal government career chain and retire at 65. But, as she says it, “The Lord had bigger plans for me than I could ever imagine.”

Stephanie did work for the Federal government for a few years after leaving the service and worked her way up very quickly. But, when she met her husband, also a veteran, her life completely changed. At the time they met he was building a real estate business and she felt God calling her to step out on faith with him and quit her job. Stephanie says, “I left everything. I left a $300k home; six figure income and a career that was stable during very tough economic conditions. I had all of this at only 26 years old and just walked away. Looking back, I see why people thought I was a little crazy. But, I just knew Gods voice.”

Over the next two years, Stephanie says her and her husband faced many setbacks. They lost 4 investment properties, their primary home, couldn’t pay their bills and on top of it all, they had three young children. Two once very successful young adults found themselves loosing everything and even having to rely on government medical assistance.

After moving to Dallas, their real estate business and financial situation improved tremendously. But, Stephanie felt a sense of emptiness. A once dedicated career woman wasn’t satisfied with staying at home with the kids. “God bless the women that are stay at home moms. It is the hardest job I ever had.” said Stephanie.

After several failed attempts at personal businesses and non-profit organizations, Stephanie said she was discouraged and frustrated. She searched and prayed for her purpose to be revealed. It was during this time God told her to start randomly blessing people and include a note that told them He loved them. But, it was what came next that would forever change her life. Stephanie says, “I was just sitting in my chair one night and God told me to start gathering people to bless others. It sounded pretty easy. But, the next day, he told me that we would gather together to bless one million people across the world. I almost fell out of my chair first but then I just got so excited. There are so many people out there who are hurting, hungry, homeless and just facing tough times. I know, I was one of them and have a heart for helping. God can really speak to them through the actions of people and our world might start to heal a little from all of the turmoil.”

Joining the Be a Blessing (B2) challenge is easy. The first step is to commit to being a blessing to one person per month for the next 12 months. Your act of kindness could include money, a small gift or any other random act. Then, leave a B2 Challenge bracelet (inscribed with God Loves You) and a wallet card, both available on their website, with the recipient. Last, come back to the website and share your act of kindness. When asked if she doubts that people will join together in such a large way to be a blessing to so many people, Stephanie said, “God used everyday ordinary people just like me all throughout the bible to accomplish incredible things. If he did it then, I know he can do it now.”

You can sign up for the B2 Challenge on their website at


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