Every Step Of The Way

By Joseph J. Mazzella • October 22, 2012

I saw something wonderful the other day. I was on my way to pick up some groceries with my grown children in the car. It was a brisk, sunny day with peak Fall colors blessing the trees and my heart with their beauty. As a car in front of us came to a stop in order to turn off the highway, however, I saw something even more beautiful. A young mother was walking along holding the hand of her toddler. When they reached the safety of an empty church parking lot the mother suddenly let go of her child's hand and watched as the 2 year old joyfully ran ahead as fast as his little feet could carry him.

I smiled when I saw the little guy toddling along with his mom walking behind him. It took me back so many years to the first time I let go of each of my own children's hands. It was scary watching them run ahead when they were barely able to walk, but I knew it was time. I had to let them go so they could grow. I had to let them walk, trip, and even hit the dirt knowing that they would get back up, dust themselves off, and try again. I had to let them run ahead trusting that at some point they would turn around and run back into my arms.

In a lot of ways we are like those little toddlers. We are Children of God just beginning to walk on our own in this world. While God lovingly watches over us we run ahead, stumble and fall, get back up and try again. We learn how to walk, we learn how to think, we learn how to live, and we learn how to love. And as we journey through this life hopefully we all one day grow wise enough to turn around and run back into our Heavenly Father's loving arms.

On your own travels through this world remember that you never walk alone. God loves you and is walking with you every step of the way. May your every step lead you to greater growth, learning, and love. May your every stride bring you a little closer to Heaven.


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