She Rescued A Duckling And Introduced It To A Chicken That Couldn't Become A Mother. This Is The Result

July 27, 2015

A few days ago, she found a lucky little duckling lost and all alone in a parking lot after escaping a duck production factory. It was very energetic and full of life.

duckling and chicken story

In the factory, the duckling would have never seen the light of day. So she decided to bring it home to the country side of France, where her family has 7 chickens and a rooster that live freely and sleep in a tree.

However, one of the chickens is different. She's kind of an outcast and does not hang out with the rest of the chickens. She prefers to sleep alone in the barn.

For years she's never been able to have chicks, nurturing rotten eggs for months and even chestnuts that she was mistaking for her own eggs.

duckling and chicken story

She immediately introduced the motherless duckling to this chicken. Both were confused at first, but after a few meetings, the duckling chose to stay under the chicken's wing.

duckling and chicken story

Now, the chicken fully recognizes the duckling as hers and the duckling follows her everywhere. It even jumps on the back of the chicken like it would have done with a mommy duck.

In this picture she's teaching the duckling to roam and eat insects.

duckling and chicken story

This chicken thought she would never have a chick of her own, but fate had different plans.

duckling and chicken story

Credit: Entershikari.

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