Married Couples Confess First Impressions Of Their Spouse

October 18, 2014

Someone on Reddit asked the question, "Married people of Reddit, what was your first impression of your current spouse?" These happily married couples prove that there isn't always a "spark" and it's rarely a beautiful moment from a movie.

But one thing is for sure, when you know, you know. Reading all the different answers, some funny and some sweet, will make you smile...

Romeo And Juliet

I remember thinking just how far out of my league she was. She spoke to me and I managed some kind of grunt.

"Wow, that kid has a huge head." And I don't mean his ego. His head is large for his body, like a Peanuts character. Whatever. I love him.

I thought he was a cool guy. He made me laugh until I peed my pants so I married him.

The first thing my husband ever said to me was, "What sort of idiot wears white pants to a goth club?" To which my reply was, "It's 80's night, and they're khaki. What sort of idiot can't tell the difference between white and khaki?" I can't imagine being with anyone else.


I wasn't interested. I wasn't looking for a girlfriend at the time. She was my neighbor in college (next door) and we starting hanging out. She started to flirt with me and I figured what the hell and flirted back. We were married 3 years later and that was 15 years ago.

I was 6, she was 5. I thought she was cute and fun to be with, but she was so pretty I felt very shy around her. That was back in 1976.

"I wonder if I'll ever date anyone as beautiful as she is." True story, though even my wife doesn't believe it.

"He actually answers questions. Wow, he talks a lot." At college I was in a mostly male major and most of them did not talk or engage during class when our instructors would ask. "Annoying boy" did. We have been together for over a decade, married for over five years and will have our second child next month.

I walked into my new friends house and saw her across the room painting. I fell in love immediately and we are still together 24 years later. My second thought was 'wow, you're short.'

She was too nice. I thought it was a flaw. 15 years later, I know it's a plus that makes me want to constantly reciprocate and work harder in the marriage.

I walked into a rehearsal through the audience entrance to the theater. She was center stage; long white dress, long red hair, urgently pleading her lines - freakin' gorgeous. (Still is, 40 years later).

"I've met some sort of whimsical rampaging ogre." He greeted me by announcing I was tiny, picking me up, and turning me up side down. Just celebrated our six year anniversary.

Having dated nice cute guys before, but never feeling anything romantic for them, I wondered if there was such a thing as a "spark". When I first saw my husband standing at the bottom of the stairs to my apartment, without us speaking to each other, I felt it.

"Is his hair made out of gold?" I met him when I was in kindergarten, and I live in an Asian country so everyone I had met had plain black hair. So when he came into class, I was utterly fascinated by his hair. It was a nice golden brown, and when it caught sunlight, it looked like gold to little me. As fate would have it, he was assigned to sit beside me. And the first thing I did was pluck some of his hair to examine it and keep it to myself. I thought I could use his gold hair to buy candy. (I found out from the canteen owner that it was not real gold after all) And he was quite timid at that time, so he didn't really do anything. I called him Christopher Robin (after the boy in Winnie the Pooh since I imagined Christopher Robin would have hair like his) and spent that year stealing his food and color pencils. I moved away a year later and never kept in contact. But I met him again in high school. And I said "Christopher Robin?". And he responded with "OMG the hair plucker." We've been together for seven years now and engaged. And I love him and his golden brown hair.

Saw her across the room looking forlorn 2 weeks after I had sworn off women to focus on college. For no apparent reason I had this overwhelming urge to help with whatever seemed to have her down. After a couple minutes of staring I said to my self "I'm going to marry that one. And fix whatever it is" And I did (marry her) 6 months later. It's been 15 years and she has made me 10 times the man I could have been. In retrospect there was nothing to fix and I have 3 great children and no regrets.

I was 10, he was 11, first day of middle school. They sat us next to each other, and he said something stupid, so I smacked him on the leg and decided that I wasn't spending any more time than absolutely necessary with him. 13 years later, we've been together 3 years and married 1. He's still a dumb ass sometimes, but he's my dumb ass and I love him.

If you have a story to share about the first time you met your spouse, leave it in the comments!

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