She Wrote A Beautiful Letter To Her Ego. You Have To Read This

August 1, 2014

This intriguing article was written by Jocelyn Daher for Spirit Science. Her passion is reminding humanity how to love, in hopes to ignite the memory that you are in fact a walking embodiment of universal perfection...

letter to ego
Image credit: The Spirit Science

I think recently you have caused me to think false things about myself. Concepts I would like to address for one: this notion that I know everything. This is a contradiction one does "know everything" because everyone is a conscious being connected by means of energy which is the make-up of the entire universe. To say that you know everything, limits you to the few concepts you have only begun to recognize and resonate with. I think I have found a better way of going about this, in thinking that I know nothing. I then open myself up to the truth of free flowing energy (or in other words knowledge) that is accepted only when you are open to receiving. If I would do the latter and assume that I know everything, as you have advised me to do; I would be fooling myself therefore becoming the fool who mindlessly enters the same mistake over again.

I would also like for you to tell your friend "Pride" that she indulges herself way to much in thinking that she is also right. When in reality I have come to believe there is not right or wrong only decisions made in fear, illusion, greed, and lack or otherwise. I know all of you are essential to my being so I will begin to accept you as a natural part of my psychology. These ideas of wanting to be accepted and applauded among my peers are not what I truly want. I have been missing the reason why I propel in a certain direction to begin with for the sheer joy of understanding and broadening my education, my passion. With this notion full realized I will now go forth realizing what has compelled and pursue that passion purely for the purpose of higher knowledge. If in fact, there is such a thing?

I have noticed that streamlining and pressuring me to complete a goal is like becoming a moth mislead by a foreign light source. When insects fly at night they often use the moon's light as navigation, they have no perception of distance. The moon's light helps them judge so both of their wings can beat at the same rate and they can fly in a straight line. Once a foreign light is introduced in the moths path such as a candle or light bulb their perception is thrown off. They then instead of calmly float through the evening air, frantically fly at a source that leads them to a light bulb or unfortunate flame.

These creatures are like man when he lets ego dictate what the purpose in life is, empty perceptions. Thinking that once they satisfy these goals whether it be a certain income or gold medal etc. that they will be happy through their approval from others. Naturally man has instinct otherwise to follow natural patterns that lead him to a final result of happiness. It should be that he is enjoying the path to the goal, fully experiencing the happiness there within the journey to the final result.

Another thing: I am no greater or lesser than anyone other being. No matter of what they think of me or what I think of anyone else. There are not good or bad people, only faulty thought processes or perceptions. We are all connected and made of the same material. Meaning there is no way to judge otherwise. I can influence, destruct, create along with every part of nature; we all have the same potential. When man separates himself from ego he realizes that true joy and happiness comes from following a song of the soul rather than society. It will be quite hard to not listen to you Ego, you have been a strong influence in my life for very long time. You are essential to my make-up, as a being I must quiet you at times. Thank you for everything you have done for me, helping build self-esteem, helping me stay alive. Just like everything in life has a place, so do you Ego. There is a balance to be maintained. I hope that you enjoy this process as much as I have and now that I have learned healthy balance of ego in my life, you will finally be understood. Wishing all the best!


Jocelyn Daher

 P.S. Tell vanity that I am going to have a private talk with her as well.

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