Woman Discovers Her Neighbor's Corgi Was Sneaking Onto Her Property At Night - To Ride Her Pony

June 5, 2024

Have you ever seen a dog ride a pony? Well, look no further.

This adventurous corgi has been caught sneaking onto his neighbor's property to ride their one-eyed pony named Cricket.

corgi rides pony videos

Callie Schenker, the pony's owner, first discovered this unusual friendship one night and could hardly believe her eyes when she saw the corgi perched atop Cricket.

What was even more surprising was that Cricket seemed perfectly content with his unexpected rider!

Callie shared a video of the endearing scene online, but many viewers were skeptical. Accusations flew that Callie had placed the corgi on the pony herself.

Determined to set the record straight, Callie followed up with additional videos. The new footage clearly showed the clever little dog hopping onto Cricket all on its own, putting any doubts to rest.

Schenker said the corgi lives with a family about a mile away and seems to be a "free spirit," — showing up at her house randomly every now and then.

This heartwarming and amusing story has captured the hearts of many, showcasing an unlikely friendship between two very different animals.

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