Baby Boom: Kentucky Sheriff's Office Celebrates 15 Bundles Of Joy

May 3, 2024

Something extraordinary is happening at the Boone County Sheriff's Office in Burlington, Kentucky.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of law enforcement, there's a joyful baby boom underway, bringing smiles and laughter to the tight-knit community.

cops and babies Boone County
Credit: Kyla Mae Photography

In the past year alone, an incredible 15 babies have been welcomed into the families of the dedicated staffers of the Boone County Sheriff's Office.

Recently, the agency took to Facebook to share the heartwarming news, accompanied by a captivating photo that has since captured the attention of people far and wide. In the image, deputies, sergeants, and supervisors proudly hold their little bundles of joy, symbolizing not only the commitment to their duty but also the cherished moments of family life.

The photo shoot was made possible through the generosity of photographer Kyla Scudder from Kyla Mae Photography, who volunteered her time to capture this special moment.

The post quickly gained traction online, garnering hundreds of comments and shares across various platforms. Its widespread reach extended beyond just local news stations, catching the attention of national media outlets as well.

"That Christmas party in 2022 must have been lit," one commenter joked.

"Another PRECIOUS reason to return home safely at the end of shift! Thank you for your service and sacrifices!" another wrote.

Congratulations to the Boone County Sheriff's Office on their newest additions!

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