The Cat At This AirBnB Leads Guests On Memorable Hikes Along The Appalachian Trail

March 18, 2024

When it comes to unexpected travel companions, Sebastian S. Cocioba stumbled upon a purrfectly delightful surprise during a recent getaway upstate.

Venturing to Philipstown, New York, with his partner for a tranquil retreat, they found themselves accompanied not by a seasoned guide or a friendly local, but by their AirBnB host's adventurous cat, Cinnamon.

cat hiking trail
Credit: @ATinyGreenCell / Via X

In a social media post that has since garnered attention and admiration, Sebastian shared the enchanting tale of their hike along the renowned Appalachian Trail, led by none other than their host's intrepid cat.

This remarkable kitty has made a habit of escorting guests on guided hikes through the scenic trails of upstate New York.

cat hiking trail
Credit: @ATinyGreenCell / Via X

"the AirBnB host's cat took us for a guided hike along the Appalachian trail. Apparently this is what she does with every guest," he wrote in the post.

Cinnamon also had a knack for signaling when Sebastian was veering off course.

"She would complain when we took a wrong turn off the trail," he said.

cat hiking trail
Credit: @ATinyGreenCell / Via X

As Sebastian affectionately remarked in his post, this remarkable feline companion isn't just a hiking buddy—she's a trailblazer, a guardian of the wilderness, and, as he humorously quipped, someone he'd trust to navigate even the most daunting of scenarios, including an apocalypse.

"Amazing cat. Would apocalypse with," he said.

cat hiking trail
Credit: @ATinyGreenCell / Via X

The AirBnB rental property boasts numerous reviews that specifically highlight the extraordinary cat's presence and companionship.

"There is a kitty that comes to visit, Cinnamon, he's very cute," Amalia wrote.

"We were thrilled to have her sweet kitty Cinnamon walk with us on the trail for a bit so we got to check off hiking with a cat from our bucket list!" Jocelyn wrote.

"LOVED that Cinnamon, the cat, was so friendly!" Kim noted.

"The cats were the highlight to my whole trip they're both sooo nice!" Soraya commented.

"Best of all, upon arrival we were greeted by her furry orange concierge, Cinnamon, who immediately led us to our apartment and hung out with us for a while, being the one of the friendliest cats I’ve ever met. Hudson was also a cool cat, but Cinnamon ran the place," Douglas wrote.

"Cinnamon, the cat, accompanied us on the hike and was a reliable tour guide. I plan to return in the future. Thanks for everything," Mark wrote.

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