The 10 Most Captivating Epiphanies Of The Month (December 2023)

December 31, 2023

Welcome to our monthly compilation of mind-blowing revelations and enlightening moments.

Each month, we bring you the most thought-provoking and hilarious epiphanies posted by internet users from all corners of the digital world.

December 2023 Edition

10 best epiphanies or shower thoughts
Photo credit: u/This-is-getting-dark on Reddit

1. Percentage tipping is weird because a customer buying a more expensive meal had nothing to do with the server

2. I've never seen an energetic person drinking energy drinks and I've never seen someone who drinks energy drinks being energetic

3. Fast food is becoming so expensive that eating healthier has become the obvious solution.

4. Quitting drugs is viewed more positively than never taking them

5. In Toy Story it must be pure agony to exist as an unassembled lego set

6. It’s sad that we made the most comfortable type of clothes, but we only wear them when we are asleep.

7. Millions of people wake up at the exact same second from using their cell phone as an alarm clock.

8. One of the first sneak previews ever was was the number 5 appearing in the number 4 in Roman Numerals...

9. Dogs don’t understand that you’re driving the car. They think that every once in a while you get into the metal box and it takes you someplace random.

10. A polka dot shirt is a striped shirt but instead of running horizontally or vertically they run in the third dimension.

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