The Best And Worst Cities To Be A Vampire

October 27, 2023

Halloween is right around the corner, so let's see if your city is a good place for vampires!

Lawn Love, a company specializing in lawn care services, recently conducted a unique study to encourage blood donations during the national shortage.

They compared the 500 biggest cities in the United States based on various factors to identify the best and worst cities to be a vampire.

best city to be a vampire

Lawn Love's analysis encompassed five distinct categories.

1. Food and Drink: number of potential victims, amount of blood centers and blood drives, slaughterhouses, etc.

2. Lair Safety: casket suppliers, homes with basements, cloud cover.

3. Deterrents: sunshine percentage, amount of Christian churches, garlic festivals, number of werewolf clubs.

4. Community: amount of vampire groups.

5. Entertainment: nightlife, vampire tours, etc.

The scores were scaled to a maximum of 100 points for every city.


New York came in at No. 1 with a score of 64.14, followed by Chicago and Columbus, Ohio.

best city to be a vampire

The worst city to be a vampire is Buckeye, Arizona with a score of 17.39.

Seven Arizona cities ranked in the bottom 10 due to sunshine and minimal basements.

Promoting Blood Donations

While the concept of vampires is a fun and creative way to draw attention to the blood shortage issue, the real focus here is encouraging blood donations. The data collected by Lawn Love's study can be used to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood, regardless of the presence of supernatural creatures.

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