Dad Shares Hilarious 'Threatening' Letter He Received 'From The Government'

September 25, 2023

A recent letter penned by a young son to his dad is making waves for its humorous and adorable approach to getting what he wants – permission to watch the "Iron Man" movie.

Joel Berry posted a photo of the letter to his Twitter account, saying "A mailman who looked suspiciously like my 8-year-old put this in my mailbox this morning".

Sent from the "government", the letter makes it clear that this is an urgent matter.

Joel's initial response was "Torn between letting them watch it and teaching them an important lesson about how we don’t obey unlawful govormet orders in this house."

But Dad was undoubtedly charmed by his son's wit. Or perhaps it was the whispered threat in tiny print.

He later posted a photo of Iron Man playing on his TV and said "The govormet won this round".

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