Zoo Denies That Sun Bear Is A Human Wearing A Bear Suit

August 4, 2023

A Chinese zoo has denied the rumors that their resident Malayan sun bear is a human in a realistic bear suit.

When video of the bear standing straight up on its back legs surfaced, many questioned whether that was a real bear or a guy in a costume.

Loose skin on the bear's back also made people wonder if a prankster possibly bought a bear suit that was too big for them, but the Hangzhou Zoo poked fun at the controversy.

"Some people think I look too human when I stand up. It seems you really don't understand me!" the statement read. "Previously, some visitors even thought I was too petite to be a bear! I want to emphasize again: I am a Malayan sun bear! Not a black bear! Not a dog! A Malayan sun bear!”

Watch the video below.

Sun bears are the smallest bears in the world (55-140 pounds).

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