Playful Baby Seal Joins Surfers In Epic Surfing Adventure At California Beach

June 27, 2023

A playful and curious baby seal has captured the attention and awe of beachgoers and social media users as it fearlessly rode the waves with surfers at a popular California beach.

For the past week, the seal pup, affectionately named "Sammy" by locals, has been catching rides on various surfboards at Tourmaline Surf Park in San Diego.


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Ed Hartel, a local drone pilot and photographer, has captured photos and videos of the surfing seal pup, who appears to be orphaned.

He told a local news station the surfers don't touch the seal and "let it do its thing."


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According to CBS8 News, a few of the surfers believe they saw a great white shark attack the seal pup's mom a week ago.

Since then, the baby seal has been close to the shore.


A post shared by Ed Hartel (@dronedudeed)

The surfers reached out to SeaWorld when they first spotted the pup so that experts could make sure the baby seal was healthy.

"Our team did respond to the pup," SeaWorld official Tracy Rahr told NBC San Diego. "Upon arrival, it appeared healthy and was in the water when the team went out to evaluate, so there was no need to intervene as the pup also appeared to be old enough to care for itself."



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Seal pups are naturally friendly and will approach humans.

And, at times, mother seals will give birth to a pup that is not fully developed and must leave it ashore for periods of time while the pup completes its development and the mother hunts for food.

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