Woman Finds Her Friend Who Passed Away On Google Maps

June 8, 2023

A woman grappling with the loss of a dear friend stumbled upon a remarkable digital memorial on Google Maps.

"Lost a close friend last year and I miss him badly but we are dancing together forever on Google Maps," Emily wrote on Twitter.

dancing google maps girl finds friend
@KeysWalletPh0ne / Google Maps / Twitter

For Emily, the discovery was a bittersweet revelation, as it brought her friend's spirit back to life, if only in a digital form. The image captured a genuine moment of happiness.

The image capture shows Emily and her friend dancing on the street corner in Cambridge, Mass.

"Oh my god (crying emoji) how lovely and sad at the same time. So sorry for your loss but happy you danced!" one commenter wrote.

"Legend says he still dancing, no matter where he is now," another wrote.

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