Repair Or Replace - Which Is The Right Choice For Your Windows?

February 21, 2023

No matter if you are selling or simply want to freshen up the look of your house, windows play an integral part in making it a home. Not only do they increase resale value, but they also bring more natural light into the room and lower energy costs at the same time.


Homeowners often need to decide whether or not to repair their current window, or replace it entirely. This decision depends on the age and condition of your existing windows, the cost of replacement, and your preferences for how they will function in the future. For example, the average cost of replacement windows in Calgary ranges from $600 to $800 per window.

To determine if your windows require replacement, look for signs of damage. Signs such as cracked frames, rotting or warped wood and swollen glass should be enough to alert you that a change should be made immediately to avoid further harm.

Another sign that your windows need replacing is difficulty opening and closing them. If your windows are difficult to operate or don't lock securely, it's time for professionals to install new sets - especially for wood frames but also vinyl or fiberglass ones.

Additionally, check for moisture buildup around the window frame. This can lead to serious safety hazards if exposed wood has become degraded due to moisture exposure; water damage, rot and mold growth are all potential outcomes.

It's also wise to inspect the glass and seals. If they appear damaged or cracked, replacing them could help avoid further harm and save you money in the long run.

Finally, you should assess the energy efficiency of your windows. Older ones tend to be inefficient and let in a lot of heat during summer. By switching out to more energy-saving windows, you can significantly reduce your monthly utility expenses.

Window energy efficiency is measured by its U-factor or U-value, which can be found on the sticker attached to the outside of the window. Depending on your individual requirements, you may choose windows with high or low U-factors in order to maximize energy savings.

Replacing all of your windows is a significant investment, so make sure to select the ideal option for your home. Not only will these windows keep your house comfortable and energy bills down, but they'll also improve its curb appeal.

Replacement windows in Calgary typically cost between $250 and $1000 per window, depending on if you require retrofit window replacement or full frame window replacement.

Selecting the Appropriate Colors for Your Windows

Window colors play an integral role in giving your house a unified aesthetic and setting the tone for rest of your design scheme. It is especially crucial when designing new homes or those undergoing major renovations. When considering the colors for your windows, it is important to consider the climate, type of window material, and the width of the window frame.

Furthermore, you should factor in whether you intend to repair or replace windows before deciding on a color. Depending on the look you're going for, you can choose from a variety of colors including white, black, brown, or even a deep navy.

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