Chris Hemsworth Posts Hilarious Response To Look-Alike

February 15, 2023

Actor Chris Hemsworth took to Twitter to respond to an amusing post from a man claiming to be Hemsworth's look-alike.

The man, named Justin, posted a side-by-side picture of himself and a shirtless Hemsworth and said, "A bunch of girls told me I look just like Chris hemsworth."

chris hemsworth response to look-a-like

The post eventually reached Hemsworth, who decided to weigh in on the matter.

"This guy thought he'd trick us all by posting himself twice…" he wrote.

chris hemsworth response to look-a-like

"Amazing. Absolute class," one user commented.

"Legend," another wrote.

Hemsworth's response also made Justin's day, possibly life.

"Chris Hemsworth just called me sexy I'm never going to fail," he said.

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