This In-House Birdfeeder Brings The Joy Of Birdwatching Into Your Living Room

February 6, 2023

Now you can watch birds up close from the comfort of your couch.

in house bird feeder 180 degrees
Etsy /

We came across a video of this 180-degree window bird feeder on TikTok.

It extends inside your home.

in house bird feeder 180 degrees

Jessica Kia posted a video of her in-house bird feeder on TikTok (below).

In the video, various beautiful birds fly into the feeder to eat while she films them from the couch.

@jessicakia Good morning! ☀️☕️🥜 #birdsinmybedroom #birdsoftiktok #birdtok #pursuitsofjoy #tuftedtitmice #chickadee #fyp #titmouse ♬ La Vie En Rose - Emily Watts

Jessica says she bought the bird feeder on BetterCrafter.Com.

You can also find it on Wayfair and Etsy shops.

The price ranges from $175-$195.

in house bird feeder 180 degrees

We looked at the reviews on multiple websites and almost all of the customers wrote a positive review. Wayfair has it at 4.5/5 stars based on 107 reviews. One Etsy store was 5/5 based on 8 reviews.

"Love this feeder. Only in the window over night and birds started showing up," one customer wrote.

"This was pricey but so worth it! Its nice and sturdy, and we've had a mating pair of cardinals come to ours multiple times a day- its been a lot of fun to watch. The only problem is my cat keeps trying to attack the birds so we've had to keep him away from it for his own safety."

"I normally don’t review items, but this birdhouse is OUTSTANDING!"

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