A Westie In A Wheelchair Guides A Blind Rescue Fox On Their Daily Walks

May 12, 2022

Ana Lapaz-Mendez, a veterinary surgeon at a clinic in Watford, adopted Jack after his owner passed away. Jack lost the use of his hind legs due to inflammation on his spinal cord.

Around the same time, Ana also nursed a blind fox back to health.

"Pumpkin the fox arrived to us with two broken legs and half dead," she said.

To give Pumpkin a better life, she brought her home to live with Jack and her other dog, Croqueta.

blind fox and dog in wheelchair
Credit: Ana Lapaz-Mendez / Instagram

One day, Pumpkin started following Jack around. She listened for the jingle on his wheels and followed him on every walk.

Jack would even stop and turn around if he sensed Pumpkin was not keeping up.

Unfortunately, on February 15th Jack’s pain turned from manageable to unbearable and he left Ana with no other option than to let him go.

"He was on extra extra mega extra time, but knowing this doesn't make the pain of losing him any more bearable. It's the price of love, and a price I'm happy to pay for the fortune of having such an amazing dog being part of my life."


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