Oriental Shorthair Cats Look Like Egyptian Gods

June 1, 2020

The Oriental Shorthair is a svelte cat with elegant features and a coat that comes in a rainbow of colors, with up to 300 possible color combinations.


oriental shorthair cats

The Oriental Shorthair resulted from the crossbreeding of a number of other cat breeds, primarily the Siamese, Russian Blue, Abyssinian, and British Shorthairs.


oriental short hair cat

These cats are considered to be very interactive and enjoy playing with human family members or other cats or even dogs.


 oriental short hair cats

Vocalization is a key part of the Oriental Shorthair's personality.

They have a wide range of vocal sounds.


 oriental shorthair cats

They're known to be taught tricks and even enjoy playing fetch.


 oriental short hair cat

They also have an incredible vertical leap.


 oriental shorthair cats


oriental short hair cat

One of the internet's most famous Oriental shorthair cats is Teddy -- because he "honks" instead of "meows".

Oriental Shorthair cats have a different feel unlike ordinary breed cats. They have clear eyes with a sense of sanctity. If you are a cat owner, your love for cats will make you want to keep all the kittens in their most adorable form. Consider custom keychains with the cat's most adorable and wonderful moments made into a keychain that you can carry with you. This can remind you of the stories that happened after these wonderful pictures.

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