Brother Keeps Promise, Brings Llama To Sister's Wedding

March 2, 2020

Five years ago, he promised his sister he would bring a llama to her wedding.

He kept his promise.

brother brings llama to wedding in tuxedo
Credit: DJ117Xx / Reddit

Here's the background story told by the brother himself:

"5 years ago we were driving to Indiana from Ohio. She was talking about her wedding like it was tomorrow -- even though she wasn't dating anyone.

I told her if you make me come to this wedding I'm bringing a llama. She got very upset and told me I couldn't.

Eventually she got so mad she told me 'screw it the llama is invited to the wedding'.

Ever since that day I swore I would bring one.

She got engaged in October and I knew it was my time to shine. Today's the big day and I couldn't be happier."

He paid $450 to bring the llama to the wedding dressed in a custom-made llama tuxedo. The llama was rented from a local farm and his handler also attended the wedding.

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