Frustrated Beekeeper Tricks Pesky Bear Into Doing Market Research

October 9, 2019

When life gives you bears, trick them into doing market research.

A bear named "Big Boy" was raiding honey production facilities near Turkey' Trabzon-Surmene province.

They tried everything to keep the bears from destroying the hives, including cages for the hives and leaving out treats for the bears, but nothing seemed to work.

So, agriculture engineer Ibrahim Sedef came up with a brilliant idea.

He saw this is an opportunity and used Big Boy's night raids as a test to determine which type of honey was best.

bear honey test

In multiple double blind trials, Big Boy always preferred the rare, expensive Anzer honey, followed closely by Chestnut, Flower, and Pine Wood.

bear honey test

Big Boy noticeably steered away from the low quality supermarket Cherry Jam made with corn syrup.

Watch the video below.

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