'You Paid Your Debt To Society': Judge Gives Man A Second Chance

September 14, 2019

A man's post on LinkedIn is going viral after what he witnessed a judge do for a man who had just got out of prison.

judge gives man second chance
Credit: Christopher D. / LinkedIn

This is what Christopher D. wrote:

"I had to attend court this morning after taking my son to school...this guy in the blue shirt had over $3,000.00 in traffic tickets,which accumulated over a course of 3 years...he just got out of prison about two months ago and is looking for current employment..It's been hard on him to get a job due to his background....before he could explain the judge cut him off and said these EXACT WORDS!...

'Look....I know the system doesn't believe in 2nd chances for a felon,in fact the whole reform idea isn't exactly that...I am a man of God and I believe in second chances...you can't move forward with all these fines and a felony on your record...I can't do anything about the felony but IM GOING TO WIPE ALL OF THESE TICKETS AND WRITE A LETTER TO HAVE YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE REINSTATED...YOU PAID YOUR DEBT TO SOCIETY...HERE IS A START TO YOUR SECOND CHANCE!!'

Bruh the judge name is Edward Hasbrook.. man this moment proved all people aren't against you.. and everyone in the system doesn't oppose you!! RealTalk!"

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