Fun and Surprising Facts About Online Casinos

June 19, 2019

It's always fun to read up on surprising facts about different aspects of our lives.

Online casinos are something of a novelty that has transformed from a trend into an easy way to earn money while enjoying entertaining games. The last few years have seen a tremendous boom in a variety of online games that not only make them more social but also profitable. As a result, interest in online casinos is at an all-time high now, with people playing everything from slots to 3D roulette at any time of the day and from anywhere they live.


However, before we delve into the interesting facts about the online gaming industry, it is essential that you are aware of all the bonuses that online casinos offer its patrons. Don't rush into things when making your favourite list of casinos, and spend time looking into factors such as payment options, mobile apps, and games available. Moreover, with some leading casinos offering up to $1800 bonus in addition to free spins, you'd be nuts to miss out on this excellent opportunity.

Coming back to facts about online casinos, here's a list of things that you probably didn't know about till now;

Microgaming is responsible for the very first online casino software. The tech giant continues until this very day as a leader in the field, releasing new and improved games regularly.

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, online casinos have several options, unlike many leading businesses nowadays. They take credit and debits cards, bank transfers, no free transfers using individual apps, PayPal, and even cryptocurrency in some cases. In fact, companies are now planning to offer new cryptocurrencies, especially for high stakes casino games. With all these payment options, there really is no reason not to play in an online casino.


There are many success stories linked with online casinos wherein people have gone on to win life-changing money. Whether it is through progressive slots or poker, online casinos can truly make dreams come true. One such case is that of an Afghanistan veteran who became a millionaire overnight by playing Mega Moolah. His win came at a moment when the family desperately needed money for medical issues. Instances like this are not just heart-warming, but a reminder that your next success is around the corner.

Very much like their on-land counterpart, slots are the most popular online games in casinos amounting to 85% of the revenue. Moreover, with technological advancements, it is now possible to indulge in theme-based slots that feature everything from movies and celebrities to candies and fantasy characters.

Online casinos are slowly gaining popularity with female players, but at present, 80% of the crowd consists of males above the age of 30.

Online casinos are not just about slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. Most leading websites offer lotteries and bingo as well.

It is now also possible to play online casino games along with different real-life people from around the world. This allows friends and family to join in the fun and make some serious money together.

Many players love to have fun while playing live casino and come up with funny names to throw the dealer off their game. Some of the most unusual customer ids include pines, to crap in my sleep, nuckchorris, and forgot to wipe.

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