To The Guy At The Train Station, You Saved Me

May 28, 2019

Sometimes the only thing we need is to know that someone cares about us.

This thank-you letter was posted anonymously on a forum from a man who was on the verge of suicide. But a random stranger saved him -- by simply noticing him.

train station inspiring story

This is what he wrote:

"To the guy at the train station when I was 18, You saved me.

You don't know it but that day I was going to kill myself. I had just lost what I had thought was my dream job and my girlfriend dumped me because of it. I got kicked out of my house and I was having the worst week ever. I told my friends the day before that I'd be going on an adventure and didn't know when I'd return. They threw me a going away party with my closest friends. It was nice seeing people that cared and I felt bad knowing that my adventure would never bring me home. I walked to the station and stood a little too close to the yellow line waiting for the inevitable. You must have noticed because you walked over to me and asked me the time. I pulled out my phone and saw the picture of ex gf and me which made me even sadder and I'm pretty sure you could tell.


You just started making small talk and asked me what I did for a living. I told you I used to work at a performance shop building race cars but I lost my job. You told me that you were a paramedic and had just gotten off shift. You told me a story from earlier in the day about a little girl who called 911 because her teddy had a bad belly ache. I laughed a little bit and you smiled. You told me the train wouldn't be there for another 5 minutes and to come sit with you. Initially I resisted but you pushed on. We had what I think was one of the most heartfelt conversations about helping people. You were talking to me like you had known me for years. It made me think about everything and I just started crying. You just put your hand on my shoulder and told me everything was going to be okay. The train came and you had to go but you inspired me. You made me believe that everything was going to be okay.

Last month I graduated from paramedic school. Every night I walk by that same train station and just sit for an hour to make sure no one is going on that same adventure

You saved me and I'm forever in your debt."

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