Little Boy Accidentally Kills His Pet Goldfish By Cuddling It

March 8, 2019

A 4-year-old boy accidentally killed his beloved pet goldfish after taking it out of the fish tank to cuddle and sleep with it.

boy kills goldfish sleeping with it
Credit: Tori Hamlin / Facebook

Tori Hamlin, from Georgia, explained how she found her son Everett asleep and cuddling his fish after going in to check on him.

By the time she saw it, the fish had unfortunately passed away.

This is what she wrote on Facebook:


We put Everett to bed and we're in the living room watching a movie and heard a noise in Everett's room so we called him out there and he said it was his drawer that made the noise.


So I get up like 10-15 mins later to go pee and look in his room and see his little chair up to his dresser and the lid off his fish tank on the ground and the light in the water and I'm like Corey the lid is off his tank and I can't find the fish (Everett is asleep at this point) Corey walks in there and this is what we find....

PS - Everett has had this fish almost his whole life!!!

Now he's upset bc he killed it and said he just wanted to pet it.

Lord help me!"

But don't worry, Everett now has some new goldfish and knows to leave them in the tank.

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