This Dog Looks Like He Belongs On A Wanted Poster

January 9, 2019

This blue heeler looks like he belongs on a Wanted poster for robbing a few banks, or whatever other chaos a dog might cause.

Moose was born with a deformed head and a big underbite - which causes him to always walk around with a permanent smile.

His owner says he's a really great dog, even though he looks like a super villain.

"Moose has a deformed head and will have medical needs most likely the rest of his life," Jennifer Osborne said.

"We aren't sure what happened to Moose. We got him as a puppy and as he got older we noticed he wasn't looking normal, we took him to the vet. She confirmed his head is deformed. He has a lump between his eyes, cherry eyes in both eyes, his eye lids curl into his eyes that causes him a lot of pain and irritation, he is having surgery on that this month. He has a huge under bite and his upper jaw is also messed up, he is cross eyed and recently began having seizures."

"He is now on seizure medication that has helped a ton. He has been seizure free for a month.

He is the happiest dog in the world, and never allows his disability to get him down."

You can follow Moose Boy on Instagram.

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