20 Trained Assassins Who Are Pretending To Be Pets

April 6, 2018

Many people are completely unaware that their pets are actually trained assassins. We did some digging on the internet and found 20 animal assassins caught on film.

1. Hitcat confirms kill on fox

The Cat and the Fox

2. Surgical strike incapacitates victim

3. Young assassins in training

vicious murderfloofs

4. Hitcat destroys all evidence

animals who are also assassins

5. Hitcat takes down a security drone

6. Hitcat takes out Shiba Inu

Assassin cat takes out Shiba Inu

7. Sleep with the fishes

Sleep with the fishes

8. King fu bear training for his next hit

bear stick twirling

9. Another hitcat destroying evidence

animal assassins pets hitanimals

10. Kermit eliminated

"Get this frog away from me!"

11. Intense fight between two expert hitdogs

Dog is Neo

12. Hitdog takes out his rival

"Oh you think this is a game..."

13. Hitdog makes it look like an accident

Hitdog takes out human with hood

14. New agent overly excited about first kill


15. Hitcat fakes an injury to lure his victim in

Hitcat fakes an injury to lure his victim in before finishing him off

16. Hitcat narrowly avoiding detection from security

assassin animals

17. Trash panda employs stealth tactics

love sick raccoon

18. Hitcat strikes back with incredible reflexes

19. Hitbunny uses the element of surprise

20. Sleeeep... don't fight it... just sleep now

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