Mom Makes 'Entitled' Son Shop At Goodwill For New Clothes

March 28, 2018

A mom in Auburn, Georgia, says her son has been acting a little too "entitled" lately so she made him shop for new clothes at Goodwill.

mom makes son shop at Goodwill
Credit: Cierra Brittany Forney

Cierra Brittany Forney wrote the following on Facebook:

"So lately, my 13 year old son had been acting a little... entitled. Acting like he's too good to shop at Wal-Mart or making snarky comments about kids at school who shop at the goodwill and quite a few other things. I don't tolerate that. Today, he took his own $20.00 to the goodwill to buy clothes to wear the entire week to school. Whatever he found is what he would have to wear. He isn't happy and shed a few tears but I firmly believe in 15 years he will look back and laugh at the day his Mom made him shop at goodwill. I want to teach my kids that money isn't everything and if you have to degrade other people because of where they shop, then you too will shop there. Side note, I love the goodwill!!"

Cierra said she expected only family and friends to see her post, but 262,000 shares later, it has now been viewed by millions of people.

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