This Dog Spends Most Of His Time At A Bowling Alley, So He Learned To Bowl

January 3, 2018

Meet Blake the bowling Goldendoodle and his owner Katelyn Simpson.

blake bowling doodle
blakethebowlingdoodle / Instagram

The 8-month-old pup spends most of his time hanging out at Katelyn's bowling alley in Emmett, Idaho, so one day she decided to teach him how to bowl.

"We always thought it would be fun to teach him how to bowl so as soon as he got tall enough to reach the ramp we put a ball up there and we tried to just see what happens and he loved it," Katelyn told

"We just put the ball on top of the ramp and we held a treat like above the ball. We're like 'come on' you know kind of helped him, showed him a couple times just pushed the ball with his arms and he caught on and just started doing it on his own.

"I think his high game is like a 93. He gets strikes every once in awhile, pretty good spare shooter."

Watch the video below!

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