Grammy Winner, Sturgill Simpson, Not Invited To CMA's, So He Busked Outside During The Show

November 10, 2017

Sturgill Simpson, who won the 2016 Grammy for Best Country album, wasn't invited to the 2017 Country Music Awards.

So, he decided to bring his grammy to downtown Nashville, set up his guitar case outside of the arena, and play for folks going in.

Sturgill Simpson busking outside CMA awards
via Facebook

Sturgill wrote on Facebook:

"So excited to be playing the #cmaawards tonight!!! Gonna be doing a little busking out front.. Come on down and join me!!!"

Sturgill Simpson busking outside CMA awards
via Twitter

"You've got a better chance of getting in there than I do, I'll tell you that," he said to one person during his busking experience, which he also streamed on Facebook Live.

An hour in, thousands of people were watching, and a handful of fans surrounded him on the street.

Sturgill Simpson busking outside CMA awards
via Imgur

"Finally made it, guys, big show," he says in the video. "They were all out of seats, I couldn't get a ticket. So I thought I'd come down here and play some country music, since we're celebrating it this evening in Nashville, Tennessee."

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