Dad Has Us All Sobbing Over His Lunch Note To His Daughter On Her Last Day Of School

June 3, 2017

Meet Meg Sullivan, 18, and her father, Tom. They live in Tacoma, Washington.

dad daughter oranges story
via Meg Sullivan / Buzzfeed

Since kindergarten, Tom has been packing Meg's school lunches every day. One thing he continued to do for her through the years was peel her oranges for her.

Sometime last year, her family started to make jokes about how her dad still peels her oranges for her, even though she was 17.

"Then yesterday when I got to school on my last day of high school, I pulled out my lunch and found two unpeeled oranges and a printout," Meg told BuzzFeed.

"When I opened it I couldn't help but smile."

dad daughter oranges story
via Twitter

Meg posted the pictures of her lunch on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

But of course, we all know this is about more than just peeling oranges.

"I'm his last kiddo leaving for college this year, and you can tell he's really really sad about it," Meg shared. "He has always gone above and beyond and is easily the cutest and most caring man I'll ever know. It's gonna break my heart to leave him for college no doubt."

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