You're Going To Want To Befriend A Crow After Reading This

May 9, 2017

In 2014 a young girl in Seattle became an internet sensation after she befriended a group of crows just by feeding them. The girl's family reported that for the next couple of years, in an exchange — or just out of pure friendship — the birds left little Gabi small, often shiny items, which the family said were gifts.

crows bring you gifts stories

Inspired by that story, Reddit user saroj7878 decided to see if he could create a similar relationship with some crows that frequent his place of employment.

"Inspired by an old Reddit post, I started feeding bar nuts to these crows that are regular to the patio of a bar I work at. My collection of gifts finally started after 3 months."

crows bring you gifts

It worked!

"Well I started noticing these crows in the patio," he wrote. "Second time after I saw them again. I quickly started throwing out Brazilian nuts. They took them all. Did not see them for over a month. Then again there they were. Always two of them. I made sure they saw me while I was placing the food out. Then every Monday or Tuesday I started seeing them. Same process. This last week they had these stuff right where I put the nuts bowl. My birthday is this Friday. Think they know man. Hahahaha. But ya that was all. Just make sure they see you outing food out. You will make friends."

Others chimed in with their own "befriending a crow" story. User gcm6664 wrote:

"When I was kid, and we are talking like 1975ish, we lived on a mountain.. very rural area. I did not know anything about crows and of course there was no internet or anything.

Anyway one day my brother and I were alone and there was a huge rainstorm going on so we were pretty much cooped up in the cabin. My brother looks out the window and starts yelling at me to come and look. Right in our yard, perched on a stump was a large crow. Just sitting there getting soaked by a literal torrent of water falling out of the sky. We figured she was in trouble but didn't think we could catch her.

Still we got a blanket and went out into the yard. snuck up behind it and threw the blanket over it and brought it into the house. Surprisingly it seemed happy to be in a nice warm living room. Pretty sure we fed it and of course she got to dry off.

Well, for the rest of the time we lived there 'Leanor' as she was now known was our friend. She pretty much hung out most time in our yard or in the vicinity of the house. Every morning when I went out to wait for my ride to the bus stop, Leanor was there just hanging out with me.

She'd fly off some times and go God knows where. But would always return. She would allow me or my brother to get close enough to pet her, but no one else.

Anyway I can attest that a crow can become a friend."

User Blueshockeylover wrote:

"Used to jog a loop in my neighborhood and when finished would sit on my front stoop and listen to the lady next door (concert pianist) practice. I'd read the paper have a cup of coffee and cool off. Well, we had crows in the neighborhood and I'd feed them scraps of bread as I sat and enjoyed the music. Therapeutic time for me.

This went on for weeks. Jog, sit, feed...lather rinse repeat. I'm a creature of habit and would go same time and same route day after day. One day I'm jogging the final quarter-mile straight but this time my charge ran out so no tunes. But I hear a racket that doesn't sound like normal street noise. I pull the buds out of my ears and it turns out it's one of the crows flying about four feet above my head cawing away. Never heard it before as I had the tunes cranked. Turned out the Bird would pick me up about a mile from home and fly with me all the way.

Did it every time I ran for three years until the day I moved."

Yup. Befriending a crow has just been added to my bucket list.

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