It's Alive!! This Website Takes Your Kid's Doodles And Brings Them To Life

September 6, 2016

Drawings are normally stuck to the wall, pinned to the fridge, or buried in a drawer. But thanks to an Australian TV show called Doodles, your children's drawings can become hilarious animated micro-movies!

Whether it's good, bad, ugly, monsters or princesses, all you need to do is draw. Once the doodle is complete, just snap a photo and submit the picture to Doodle's website.

If they choose your kid's drawing, the creative team comes up with a story for the character and uses character details given to them by each artist. The animation team then brings the character to life and posts the video on their YouTube channel.

Here's one kid's reaction, watching his doodle come to life:

Visit to start submitting doodles!

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