Big Online Wins to Change Lives Forever

August 10, 2016

This year's massive Powerball jackpot was surely one of the largest ones ever paid out by a lottery. But lotteries are not the only games with jackpots. On the contrary: the term itself comes from the world of slot machines and other similar games. These games pay out much more often than lotteries, and sometimes they do so with such large amounts that are true life-changers. Like the ones below.

big win

Cheshire Vet Wins Jackpot of a Lifetime

Jon Heywood is the living proof that TV advertising still works. Back in October, he let himself be convinced by one to register an an online casino, and try his luck. He did, he made a deposit worth £30, and started playing on a 25p basis. Imagine his surprise when, shortly after starting to play, he was declared a winner. And, to make things even better, he also broke a world record: his win was the biggest ever progressive jackpot to be paid out by an online game - £13.2 million. The record was later confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

When asked about how he will spend his massive win, Heywood - an Afghanistan veteran - said he had plans for the big pile of cash he won. First and foremost, he planned to pay for his father's medical care (according to some sources, he was in need of a new lung and a heart), change his car (to a yellow Bentley Continental GT), and take his family on a cruise.

Canadian newcomer wins big

Newcomer's luck? It might just be. Earlier last year another massive jackpot was hit on the same slot machine. A Canadian man named Mark decided that it would be a good idea for him to play progressive slots games at Royal Vegas. He used his smartphone to play his favorite games, playing at the Royal Vegas Mobile. After less than a week, Lady Luck decided to smile on him: playing Mega Moolah, the same game to pay out the record-breaking jackpot I mentioned above, has brought him over $7.5 million in cash. Mega Moolah is probably the most played game at the Royal Vegas, available both for desktop and mobile play. Its popularity is overcome only by its generosity: since its launch, Mega Moolah paid out jackpots wort over €900 million.

Not a record (anymore), but still a life-changing win

We told you about the current world record jackpot, but let's take a look at the previous one, too. It was hit by a 52-year-old Finnish player at, a charitable gaming destination using its profits to fund charities and social causes on the Aland Islands (Finland). The winner placed a bet worth 25 cents on a game called Mega Fortune, and imagine his surprise when he won the exact thing: over €17.8 million with a single spin! When asked about what he plans to do with his win, the anonymous player was not sure - but he promised to keep playing online.

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