Read What This Chiropractor Wrote About An 'Angel' Who Walked Into Her Office In Severe Pain

July 30, 2016

Jessica Bullock Scarratt is a chiropractor at Family First Chiropractic in Dothan, Alabama. A week ago, she met an "angel" who walked into her office with severe back pain. What happened next will touch your heart...

chiropractor timmy angel story
Facebook / Jessica Bullock Scarratt

"Meet Mr. Timmy, the angel that walked into my office. He stopped in a week ago asking if I could help him with extreme low back pain that is shooting down his leg. He asked the prices etc and made his appointment for this week so he could gather the money. He comes in on Wednesday 30 minutes early for his appointment and is beyond nice and respectful. Everything I say/ask him, he responds with yes/no ma'am. He fills my heart with joy and happiness just being in the room with him.

After chatting with him, he tells me that he's been in pain for 3 years and has been turned away several times for help because he doesn't have insurance or the money, but he knew he had to do something. I can tell he's in pain, but didn't know just how bad until I asked him to lay on the table. Bless his heart, tears started streaming down his face and he was moaning in excruciating pain. He apologized for his tears and I told him not to be sorry and handed him a tissue. I started adjusting him and at first, he moaned with each drop of the table (balling his eyes out in pain now), but said to keep going if it would help. Then, it started feeling better for him.

I hooked him up to the electrical stimulation machine and told him to enjoy some relaxation. When I came back, he said, "Oh my goodness...this is the best I've felt in 3 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you." He stood up and realized he could stand up STRAIGHT for the first time in 3 years. THREE YEARS! Those tears of pain turned to tears of relief and gratefulness. Then tears start rolling down my face too...tears I've been holding back the entire appointment. He asked when I wanted to see him again and I walked him up front. I told him I wanted to see him the next day (today) and he asked how much because he'd need to find a way to get the money, but he'd be here. I gave him back his money and told him nothing. He looked so confused. (He told us he only eats once a day.) He lost it and BALLED his eyes out and I gave him a big hug while crying. He told me I didn't know what this means to him and that he'll find a way to pay me and told him to please not worry about it and just to pay me in hugs. He was in pure disbelief. We were ALL crying. We ALL felt this God moment.

He came back today with a huge smile on his face and a little kick in his step. He was so happy. He was on the road to recovery. His smile lit up my whole heart. We had gathered a box of snacks, a gift card for subway, and a card. When we gave it to him, he started crying again and just kept thanking us over and over. He gave me several hugs and couldn't believe the love we showed him after being dismissed so many times. I've been thinking about him and praying for him non-stop since then.

With tears in my eyes while typing this, I share this story with you to say this... you never know what form an angel may come in, but I promise you Mr. Timmy is an angel to me. You never know what someone is going through until you ask. You never know what a difference you may make in someone's life, but I can tell you that Mr. Timmy blessed me far more than I blessed him. With all the evil in the world, there is still good....all you have to do is open your heart and share the love."

Credit: Jessica Bullock Scarratt

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