A Father Had This Tombstone Made For His Wheelchair-Bound Son

February 21, 2016

Ernest Robison had this beautiful tombstone designed and built for his wheelchair-bound son who passed away in 1999.

gravestone of little boy wheelchair
via Enjoy Utah

This emotional statue is the grave and memorial for Matthew Stanford Robison. He was born in 1988 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and due to a lack of oxygen and complications at birth, he had to endure severe disabilities during his short life. He was blind, mostly paralyzed and spoke only a few words, but was still able to touch many lives during his short time on Earth. Only expected to live a few hours, he passed away in 1999, and the church where his funeral service was held was filled to capacity.

As stated on his online memorial: "Confined to the chair most of his young life, he is now free of earthly burdens."

"Instead of sadness, the statue makes our son Matthew's grave a place of happiness,” Matthew's father Ernest said. "Many others have found that true also."

Inspired by their son, Ernest and his wife Anneke started Ability Found, a foundation designed to provide people with disabilities the right equipment to become productive members of society.

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