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In 2019, More Americans Went To The Library Than To The Movies

January 27, 2020 / 1,566 views

According to a recent poll, visiting the library remains the most common cultural activity Americans engage in, by far.

Man Uses Coffee To Rescue Three Frozen, Abandoned Kittens

January 26, 2020 / 5,166 views

A man in Alberta rescued three kittens that were frozen into the ice. Kendall Diwisch says he was doing the rounds near one of his wells near Drayton Valley when he discovered something unusual.

Newborn Kittens Dangling From A Coconut Tree Get Rescued

January 25, 2020 / 11,440 views

It was a scary moment for a group of newborn kittens that were born at the top of a coconut tree in Kauai, Hawaii.

Dad Builds Custom Gaming Controller For Daughter With Disabilities

January 25, 2020 / 2,135 views

A 9-year-old girl with a neurological disorder can now play video games just like her friends thanks to her father's brilliant invention.

Florida Is Purchasing 20,000 Acres Of Everglades Wetlands To Prevent Oil Drilling

January 24, 2020 / 2,237 views

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is purchasing 20,000 acres of wetlands in the Everglades in an effort to save the area from oil drilling.

Stray Dog Named 'Sausage' Gets Appreciation Star For Helping Kindergartners Cross The Road

January 23, 2020 / 7,641 views

Kupata, a stray dog in Batumi, Georgia, got his very own dog house and an appreciation star for helping kindergartners cross a busy road to school every day.

Mom Praises Teen Who Crashed Into Her Mailbox

January 23, 2020 / 8,417 views

A teenager who crashed into a stranger's mailbox and chose honesty and kindness is being praised by thousands on social media.

Jason Momoa Visits Kids In Hospital, Invites Them To Movie Set

January 22, 2020 / 8,278 views

Jason Momoa stopped by the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on Monday morning to visit with the brave patients and their families.

Gun Rights Advocates Clean Up Streets After Protesting Peacefully In Richmond

January 22, 2020 / 4,309 views

Thousands of people flooded the surrounding streets of the Capitol in Richmond on Monday for a gun-rights rally, however, locals in the area say the roads are the cleanest they've seen in quite some time.

St. Louis Churches Erase Nearly $13 Million In Medical Debt For Families In The Community

January 21, 2020 / 3,208 views

More than 11,000 families in St. Louis will learn this week that their medical debt has been paid off, thanks to donations from local churches.

Husky That 'Looks Like Bad Taxidermy' Finds Her Forever Home

January 19, 2020 / 11,371 views

A cross-eyed husky named Jubilee has found a forever home in New Jersey.

Chic-Fil-A Employees Rescue Family From Storm

January 19, 2020 / 6,262 views

An Alabama woman's recent Facebook post about her local Chick-fil-A has been shared more than 14,000 times.

San Francisco Giants Hire First Female MLB Coach

January 18, 2020 / 3,955 views

The San Francisco Giants announced that they have hired Alyssa Nakken, officially making her the first female coach in Major League Baseball history.

Australian Farmer Celebrates Torrential Rainfall On His Drought-Stricken Farm

January 17, 2020 / 6,230 views

A farmer in New South Wales was ecstatic on Thursday as rain poured down on his drought-stricken farm.

Stolen Therapy Goat Found, Reunited With Depressed Cow

January 17, 2020 / 5,468 views

A pet therapy goat that was stolen from a property in Northland, New Zealand, is now safely back home.

Cyclist Hit By Truck And Nearly Killed Befriends The Driver Who Hit Him

January 16, 2020 / 8,328 views

A cyclist who was nearly killed after being hit by a motorist is now friends with the man who hit him.

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