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Dozens Of People Stop Traffic On Busy Highway To Rescue A Dog

November 14, 2019 / 701 views

Watch 20 drivers stop traffic to rescue dog stranded on busy highway.

Man Sacrifices His SUV And His Safety To Protect Pedestrians From Speeding Drunk Driver

November 14, 2019 / 1,141 views

Erick Marciano is being credited with potentially saving the lives of a number of pedestrians in downtown Montreal on Tuesday afternoon.

Two Sisters Raise More Than $5,000 To Buy Thanksgiving Meals For Families In Need

November 13, 2019 / 1,705 views

For the third year in a row, two sisters in North Carolina are raising money to provide meals for families that can't afford a Thanksgiving dinner.

Fanged Deer Once Thought To Be Extinct Is Rediscovered In Vietnam

November 12, 2019 / 3,903 views

A small deer with fangs that hasn't been seen since 1990 has been caught on camera for the first time ever in Vietnam.

A World War II Veteran Got His High School Diploma At 95

November 11, 2019 / 3,091 views

Last week, a high school in Oklahoma honored a 95-year-old veteran who fought in World War II instead of graduating high school.

Scientists Create Virus Based On Cowpox That Can Kill Every Type Of Cancer

November 09, 2019 / 6,094 views

Scientists have engineered a new virus based on cowpox that is able to kill every known type of cancer cell.

9-Year-Old Boy Stopped From Doodling In School Gets Hired To Draw At A Restaurant

November 08, 2019 / 5,737 views

A 9-year-old boy in England who has gotten in trouble for doodling in school now has free rein to draw all he wants on a restaurant wall.

North Dakota Brewery Features Shelter Dogs On Their Beer Cans

November 08, 2019 / 3,285 views

A brewery in North Dakota is featuring local shelter dogs on their beer cans in hopes to find them a forever home.

Boss Pays Of Employee's Mortgage To Allow Him To Retire Early

November 07, 2019 / 5,679 views

A Vietnam veteran in Texas is retiring early thanks to the generosity of his boss.

High School Football Player Prays For Opponent Whose Mom Is Battling Cancer

November 06, 2019 / 5,025 views

A photo of two high school football players in Texas praying together after the game is touching hearts across the country.

Mom In Viral Overdose Photo Celebrates 3 Years Of Sobriety

November 06, 2019 / 5,950 views

Three years ago, Indiana mom Erika Hurt went viral for overdosing on heroin in her car with her infant son in the back seat.

Nurse Adopts Man So He Can Get A Life-Saving Heart Transplant

November 05, 2019 / 5,387 views

An ICU nurse in Georgia has given a man a second chance at life by offering to become his legal guardian.

Mom Shares Son's Heartbreaking Question On Twitter. The Responses Have Been Amazing

November 04, 2019 / 7,309 views

A mother shared her son's heartbreaking question on Twitter and now people from all over the world are asking to be his friend.

14-Year-Old Girl Finds Way To Solve Blind Spots In Cars

November 04, 2019 / 9,637 views

A 14-year-old in Pennsylvania has won $25,000 for her innovative car design that would make blind spots nonexistent.

Celebrity Chefs Have Teamed Up To Feed California Firefighters And Evacuees

November 02, 2019 / 5,278 views

As firefighters in Northern California race to contain the devastating Kincade Fire, a group of celebrity chefs have come together to feed the thousands of displaced evacuees and first responders.

Watch The Tear-Jerking Reunion Of A Homeless Man And His Missing Dog

November 01, 2019 / 7,104 views

A homeless man in Memphis, Tennessee, has reunited with his missing dog and the video of their reunion is going to brighten your day.

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