Police Officer in Texas Shuts Down Highway to Save Lost Dog

February 21, 2013

A police officer in Texas shut down a highway to save a dog roaming a busy highway.

Officer Kyle Jones parked his police car in the middle of the highway stopping traffic. He got out of his car and attempted to get the small dog to go with him. Little did he know, a motorist took a picture of Jones and posted it to reddit. The picture, titled "faith in humanity restored" went viral.

Jones knew if he did not do something the Chihuahua was not going to make it. He wasn't even sure if it would go with him.

police officer stops traffic to save dog"You know how Chihuahuas are," Jones said. "You're not really sure if you can trust 'em or not. But he kind of looked at me and said, 'Man, I'm glad you're here.' He let me pick him right up. Stuck him in the back seat of the patrol car."

Officer Jones took the dog, Cujo, to animal control where he was reunited with his owners. The following email was sent to the police and posted on the Huffington Post.

Just wanted to send a big thanks for the kindness shown to my "4 legged" son this morning! ... As I was walking on Farrington side of park my husband drove up and said that Animal Control had just brought him home. He said an officer had seen him in the middle of Spencer Hwy. and the officer had stopped traffic to help our little guy! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this wonderful, caring officer and his kind deed!! It is a wonderful feeling to know we have people like him looking out for us... I kept reminding myself that he had his tag with his name, address & phone number. Then I would think of how small he is and worry all over again... After a bath and his arthritis medication he has been resting all day. Safe, warm, and home again. All because someone did care!
Again, our sincere thanks: Don and Diwanna Zapalac and Family

Just as the picture on reddit said...faith in humanity restored.

Source: Yahoo News, Reddit

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