This Mom Has Donated 5,000 Pints Of Breast Milk To Help Feed Premature Babies

July 29, 2017

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has donated 5,000 pints of breast milk to help premature babies.

The 29-year-old mom from Beaverton, Oregon, spends an incredible 10 hours a day pumping around 1.75 gallons of milk - ten times the average woman.

miracle mom donates breast milk
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Elizabeth has hyperlactation syndrome, which means she produces masses more milk than what is considered average. But she still manages to squeeze in feeding time for her own six-month-old daughter before generously giving the rest to those more needy than herself.

The milk goes to a milk bank for micro preemies, so 1oz can feed three or four babies. Elizabeth's milk has fed thousands of babies.

miracle mom donates breast milk
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"In total I will spend around five hours a day just pumping and then with storing, labelling, sterilizing etcetera, I easily spent eight to ten hours," she said.

"Pumping is not fun - it is uncomfortable and it hurts - but it is my labor of love."

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