This School Tells Parents To Stay Away And Let The Kids Problem Solve On Their Own

August 19, 2016

This photo of a letter sent to all parents with kids attending Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock, Arkansas, is getting national attention.

school says let kids problem solve without parents
Catholic High School for Boys

Principal Steve Straessle sent the letter to remind parents of the school's decades-old policy against bringing forgotten homework, lunches, or sports equipment to their sons.

"Teenage boys will often hit the default switch of calling parents to swoop in and fix problems they encounter," Straessle told Today. "We encourage our boys to fight that inclination and, instead, think how they can solve a problem on their own."

Straessle says the students are "amused" by the attention the policy is receiving, and that the Facebook comments implying the boys are being mistreated makes them laugh.

"Every tool a boy needs to solve the problems addressed by the sign are found on our campus," he said. "In the case of the forgotten lunches, boys can get credit in the cafeteria, borrow money from the front office, or bum some food off a buddy. No one goes hungry here."

He added that the school has not received a single complaint from the parents about the policy.

(h/t) TODAY

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