What This Amazing Woman Did For Her Uber Driver Has Made Them Friends Forever

August 4, 2016

This is Ellis Hill, an Uber driver in Pennsylvania. His son, Darrell, is competing in the Olympics in Rio this summer.

uber passenger raises thousands to send dad to see son in Rio Olympics

During a recent hour-long Uber transport, passenger Liz Willock and Ellis covered a lot of conversational territory. When they got to the Olympics, Hill proudly explained that his son would be representing Team USA in shot put.

"When I told her about my son she was really amazed, but when she asked me if I was going over there to watch him, I said I really couldn't afford it," Hill, a retired bus driver, told PEOPLE.

That news broke Willock's heart. But as a sales leader at a concierge service that arranges travel and accommodations for people seeking clinical trials around the world, she felt she had all the contacts and resources she needed to make Hill's trip happen.

uber passenger raises thousands to send dad to see son in Rio Olympics
Darrell Hill

"She asked me, 'If I could get you a ticket would you go?' And I said, 'Oh my goodness I don't even know you!'"

"She said, 'No. I believe you and I were fated to meet and I'm going to try to make this happen.'"

The pair exchanged information and the next day, Willock created a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $7,500 to send Hill to Rio to cheer for his son.

The donations poured in and the campaign reached its goal in just two days.

uber passenger raises thousands to send dad to see son in Rio Olympics

More than 150 people contributed and Ellis knew maybe 10 of them. The rest were strangers.

good news Rio

Hill said he had not seen his son in months because of his training.

"I can't wait to see him and encourage him in person and let him know I'm 100 percent in his corner."

When asked what it meant to have a total stranger take it upon herself to make his dream come true, Hill laughed.

"Liz was only a stranger for 5 minutes. We talk all the time now and I know we're going to be friends for a long time."

(h/t) People

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