Ricky Gervais Got Into A Twitter Fight With This Woman And Is Refusing To Back Down

April 20, 2015

Comedian Ricky Gervais is not backing down after firing shots at trophy hunters for killing beautiful creatures in the wild. It all started when he shared this photo of trophy hunter Rebecca Francis posing with her latest kill.

The tweet instantly went viral on social media.

But he had no intentions of stopping there. He shared another photo of Rebecca Francis.

Francis tried to defend herself claiming that she killed the giraffe after it was old and close to death because the locals needed food. Ricky wasn't buying it...


The trophy hunter tried to play the sex card next, claiming Ricky was "bullying" her for being a female hunter.

So he made his point very clear.

Ricky also made clear that he wasn't attacking hunting in general. He said: "I wish people would stop confusing hunting to eat and hunting for thrills, tusks, or to hang an endangered species on the f**king wall."

And he's on a mission now...




(H/T) Distractify. Follow comedian Ricky Gervais on Twitter for more updates.

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