Impatient Cow Moos Every Morning At Rescuer's Window For Hugs And Kisses

August 3, 2020

Jenna is a rescued dairy cow who was going to be put down because she was born infertile and unable to produce milk.

At three days old, she was taken in by Ryan Phillips and Mallory Sherman who run the Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary in Williamsburg, VA.

In a recent video, Jenna can be seen waiting patiently at the window for Ryan to come outside and greet her.

"Jenna really loves her dad. Sometimes she just gets impatient for him to come outside, so she calls to him from the window," the sancutary wrote.

"Jenna treats me like I'm her best friend and saw me like I was her mom when she was little because I brought and fed her bottles," Ryan said. "I spent every night talking and laying with her in the barn and making sure she was healthy and happy."

The bond between the two has continued to grow stronger and stronger.

"We are truly best friends and she's definitely just as much family as any human could be," said Ryan.

The video below, titled "Jenna: Then and Now", shows how wonderful that friendship truly is.

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