Grandpa's Reaction To His Wife Coming Home From The Hospital Is Everything

July 31, 2020

"Hey girl!"

Krista Kellum shared this heartwarming footage of her grandparents reuniting after her grandmother was given a clean bill of health from the hospital.

She wrote: "I know this is long, but it is incredible and needs to be shared. My grandparents have been married for over 70 years, and their love continues to make me cry.

A few weeks ago my Grandma was told there was a mass in her colon, which was confirmed by two different scans, a failed colonoscopy (because the mass was in the way) and a dye test.

Immediately, we all began to pray.

If you know my granddad, you know that he is a praying man. Throughout my entire life, he would go every single morning to the church and spend hours praying.

On the day of my grandma's surgery, they started with a laparoscopy. BUT, they didn't see anything. So, they decided to go into her colon and look, and the mass was totally gone!

They kept my grandma in the hospital for a few days, and this video is her returning home and reuniting with her husband.

Brb gotta go cry and thank Jesus forever."


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