Depressed Bird Learns To Dance Again

July 15, 2020

A grieving bird was adopted and has learned to dance again.

 "My husband met an 88 year old woman, Pat, while out working. Her husband had died and her 15-yr old bird Audrey had pulled out all her feathers in despair. Audrey loved Misha so much, Pat asked if we would rescue her, since Audrey will live to be 80.

One day in our kitchen, Old Town Road came on and Audrey started singing and dancing. We sent the video to Pat and she was just as shocked as we were to learn Audrey loves to jam. We've had Audrey for 3 months now and she surprises us daily with new whistles, words, and dance moves. She’s especially into learning choreography like in this video with Misha. Her feathers are all growing back in too!"

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