Man Accidentally Stumbles Upon A Baby Moose In The Woods. The Moose Thinks He's Mom

May 25, 2020

A turkey hunter in New Hampshire accidentally stumbled upon a baby moose in the woods who was no more than a few hours old and the footage is adorable.

The mother moose will leave her baby in safe place while she makes her rounds, eating large quantities of leaves to produce enough milk to feed her offspring and sustain her own body weight.

So, when this hunter accidentally approached before the mother's return, the baby thought he was her mother.

To ensure he did not imprint on the calf, the hunter did not allow the baby moose to touch him.

"When the baby calf saw me it did what I believe is known as 'imprinting' and started following me thinking I was its mom," he said. "I did not go very far once I realized the baby would not stop following me. I chose to sit on a stump until it did what most newborns do and fall asleep so I didn't take it too far from its actual mom. Once it fell asleep I was able to sneak out undetected. One thing that is important, I never made contact even though I could have, to make sure I did not get my scent on the baby."

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