Tim Tebow Was Asked About People Not Liking Him. His Response Is Perfect

February 21, 2019

A lot of people are skeptical about Tim Tebow's future as a baseball player, just like they were about his football career and everything else the man does.

So at the N.Y. Mets training camp over the weekend, Tebow was asked about people not liking him.

His response was something to behold.

"It's really about keeping perspective and not letting other people define you because they sure want to. Shoot, I try to encourage young people all the time to not let the world or outside sources define you because you are always going to have critics and naysayers and people that are going to tell you that you won't, that you can't, that you shouldn't. Most of those people are the people that didn't, that wouldn't, that couldn't."

Watch the full response below.

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