Lion Cornered By Hyenas Calls For Backup

November 28, 2018

Similar to the scene in The Lion King where Simba is cornered by hyenas and gets rescued by his father, this lion was surrounded by hyenas until two lions came to the rescue.

Amber Soames, 19, was near Satara, in Kruger National Park when she filmed this action-packed sighting.

"When I first got there, there were only a few hyena, but after about 10 minutes, the lion was completely surrounded by them. One by one they went for the lion, biting his rear and trying their best to get the kill but the lion was not having it and gave a good fight, as 1 male lion against 12 hyena could, for his kill.

Soon after this started I noticed that the rest of the pride, a few 100 meters away, heard his moans and came running to help. This was when the females charged at the hyenas."

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